Machcri unveils first product with RSAI Coconut Cream

Mach Consumers Resources Inc. or Machcri, a food and beverage company in the Philippines has launched its first-ever product under its brand, the Machcri Coconut Cream, using RSAI Coconut Cream 32% Fat as a major ingredient.

The product launch took place in Arid n’ Aroids Living Gallery, Silang, Cavite last December 4, 2021. The event was attended by Machcri’s various partners in production and distribution including RSAI’s Sales and Marketing Team.

Machcri Coconut Cream in 1 liter, 250ml and 65ml packs
Machcri President and CEO, Limneo “Jun” Matos (center) and RSAI Sales & Marketing Team, Apple Angeles, Senior Export Sales Manager (right) and Anna Monica Brines, Export Sales Specialist (left)
Tokens for attendees

The program was opened by Machcri’s partner in selling and distribution ZENFRO Corporation’s General Manager, Neil “Boyet” Ganigan. With few but precious words, Mr. Ganigan welcomed everyone including celebrity endorsers, Aubrey Miles, Troy Montero, and Gretchen Fullido.

ZENFRO Corporations General Manager, Mr. Neil "Boyet" Ganigan

Guests were treated to a sumptuous dinner with most dishes mixed with Machcri’s Coconut Cream such as Coconut Chicken Curry, Chili Pork Adobo with Coconut Cream, and two pasta stations for a made-to-order Sundried Tomato and Garlic Herb Pasta in Coconut Cream Sauce. Coconut Cream-based desserts were also served such as Coco-Mango Panna Cotta, Coco Cream Mini Meringue Pie, and Coco Strawberry Mousse.

After dinner, Machcri President and CEO, Mr. Limneo “Jun” Matos gave his speech about the early struggles of the brand – from its establishment in 2019 and facing the challenges posed by the early days of the pandemic in 2020 to slowly adjusting to the new normal in 2021. Finally, Machcri has completed the components of their first-ever product.

The Machcri Coconut Cream is made with Roxas Sigma’s 100% Pure Coconut Cream. Living up to their tagline, “Be Sure, Go Pure” Machri only uses coconut water to dilute its product making it one of the purest coconut creams served in the market today.

Roxas Sigma’s Coconut Cream 32% Fat, is freshly extracted from mature coconut meat and undergoes the process of in-line blending with digital controls. UHT-processed and homogenized to retain its natural coconut flavor and aroma, it comes without any additives to guarantee 100% unadulterated coconut cream.

The Machcri Coconut Cream is packed in 1L, 250ml, and 65ml and will be available soon in supermarkets and groceries.

The program ended with a toast proposed by Mr. Matos to thank everyone who has been part of this achievement and those who have worked hard to make the launch possible.

Check out Machcri’s official website here to know more:

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