Our 100% Pure and All-Natural Coconut Products

100% Pure and All Natural

We only use and process pure and natural coconuts with no stabilizer, preservatives and artificial colors, using our proprietary process in our integrated processing plant.

Selling Points

Consistent High Quality Products

Our Certifications and Registrations for Food Safety and Quality ensures that we achieve International Standards and maintain the natural goodness and health benefits of our products.

The Healthy Choice

As the fruit of the "Tree of Life," our coconuts are naturally blessed with more than just its basic nutrients and has proven to meet the needs of the rising demand for a healthy lifestyle.

All-Natural Process

Coconut Source

South Cotabato in Southern Mindanao of the Philippines, and in particular, Tupi town, yields some of the best coconuts in the world.

Abundant Supply of Coconuts

The surrounding region estimates 250,000 hectares of total area planted to coconuts. South Cotabato alone can produce more than 200,000 metric tons of coconuts per year and is expected to even increase due to the continuous support of the local government on tree propagation and yield improvement.

An Agricultural Haven

The Municipality of Tupi is known as the “Fruit, Flower & Vegetable Basket of the Province.” It is due to its fertile soil that came from the volcanic waste that eroded from Mt. Matutum, which is now non active.

Optimal Climate Condition

Its mildly cool climate with an average of 23.94° Celsius is one of the town’s best assets. The agriculturally suitable lands of South Cotabato have adequate precipitation and moderate temperatures.

We honor the hands who harvest and produce our coconut products

As you partner with us, you’ll be part of providing a sustainable community for our local farmers and workers in Tupi, South Cotabato.

Fair Trade

Our Fair Trade arrangement with our farmers help improve soil fertility and increase the yield of coconuts they harvest. We do this by providing them trainings and technologies that help them do it organically.

Job Opportunities

We take the matter of uplifting the lives of the community around us very seriously. Thus, we source our workforce locally and give them access to social benefits.

Environmental Awareness

Environmental protection is paramount to sustainable operations. We use nature-friendly technologies and processes to ensure that we function in harmony with the environment.

Certifications and Recognitions

Food Safety and Quality certificates that ensures we achieve International Standards and maintain the natural goodness and health benefits of our products.

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