Aseptic Coconut Cream 32% and 24% Fat Content


We produce only 100% pure and consistent high-quality products with:
• No added water
• No preservatives
• No stabilizers

Product Process

Freshly extracted from mature coconut meat, our Coconut Cream undergoes in-line blending with digital controls. It is UHT-processed and homogenized to retain its natural coconut flavor and aroma and has no additives for a guaranteed 100% unadulterated coconut cream.

Available in

Aseptic Bag-in-Steel Drum (200 kg)

Aseptic Bag-in-Box (20 kg)


Conventional or Organic


100% Pure Coconut

Allergen Warning

Coconut (based on USFDA list of allergens, under tree nut category)

Product Application

Uses are, but not limited to:
• Beverages
• Beverage Base
• Soup Base
• Fermented Coconut Milk Dessert (Coconut Yogurt)
• Coconut Milk Frozen Dessert (Coconut Ice Cream)
• Cooking
• Baking

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