Aseptic Coconut Milk 17% Fat Content


Available in 17% fat content, our coconut milk is extracted from fresh coconut meat and is packed in an Aseptic Bag to make it free from extraneous matters and maintain its natural goodness and health benefits.

Product Process

We use an advanced UHT system and digital in-line blending to produce our coconut cream. It is homogenous without adding any food additives and just uses raw skimmed coconut milk or raw coconut water to achieve the desired fat content for a guaranteed 100% unadulterated coconut cream.

Available in

1. Bag-in-Box (BIB) – 20 KG

2. Bag-in-Drum (BID) – 200 KG

Aseptic Coconut Milk by Roxas Sigma Agriventures, exporter of pure and All-Natural coconut products from the Philippines, best for curry, soup, yogurt, and smoothies


Conventional or Organic


Raw Coconut Cream and Raw Skimmed Coconut Milk.

Allergen Warning

100% made from Coconut

Product Application

Uses are, but not limited to:
• Beverages
• Beverage Base
• Soup Base
• Fermented Coconut Milk Dessert (Coconut Yogurt)
• Coconut Milk Frozen Dessert (Coconut Ice Cream)
• Cooking
• Baking

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