Dermtropics launches new collection infused with Roxas Sigma’s Coconut Products

Philippine skincare brand, Dermtropics has recently launched a brand new collection of their naturally-formulated Gentle Cleansing Bar and Hand & Body Lotion infused with Roxas Sigma’s Coconut Products last July.

Still carrying the wonders of Roxas Sigma Agriventures, Inc’s Wet Process Centrifuge-Extracted Virgin Coconut Oil, Dermtropics’ Gentle Cleansing Bar multiplies its skin benefits with some tweaks in its formulation. This bar soap is perfect for those with sensitive skin as Dermtropics products are made up with only the simplest and purest natural ingredients, free from harmful chemicals used to add fragrances and color.

Dermtropics with Roxas Sigma’s Coconut Products

Founders Margaux and Miko Lucena, together with a team of chemists and doctors have also perfected the formula to their clients’ much awaited Daily Moisturizing Hand & Body Lotion, that serves as a perfect moisturizer for skin after showering. This Hand & Body lotion also holds a good amount of Roxas Sigma’s Wet Process Centrifuge-Extracted Virgin Coconut Oil.

Dermtropics with Roxas Sigma’s Coconut Products

Wet Milled or Wet Process Centrifuge-Extracted Virgin Coconut Oil

Roxas Sigma Agriventures, Inc’s VCO is produced from the meat of fresh mature coconuts. The meat is washed, blanched, crushed and mechanically pressed to extract the coconut cream. The oil is then separated from the coconut cream using a series of high speed centrifuges. Roxas Sigma’s Coconut Products undergo a trustworthy process of production so quality is preserved and delivered  to the customers in its purest form. We are a bulk ingredient supplier of 100% Pure and All-Natural Coconut Products: Aseptic Coconut CreamAseptic Coconut MilkWet Process Centrifuge-Extracted Virgin Coconut Oil and Frozen Coconut Water Concentrate.

Roxas Sigma Wet Process Centrifuge-Extracted Virgin Coconut Oil

Commitment to providing natural remedies to their customers

Founder Margaux Lucena takes inspiration from her dermatologist mother’s will to provide them with skincare products that are free from ingredients and chemicals that may harm the skin. These chemicals are usually added to provide fragrance and color to various commercial products. Determined to find the perfect soap for her children, Margaux’s mother developed her own soap formula that will not only cleanse without irritation, but also leave their skin feeling and looking healthy over the years. The secret ingredient? Virgin Coconut Oil.

Dermtropics CEO Margaux Lucena

Soon to Launch

Dermtropics is scheduled to release another set of products in September. This includes their Raw Coconut Aloe Vera Shampoo, Raw Coconut Argan Oil Conditioner and Raw Coconut Collodial Oatmeal Hand & Body Wash – all infused with Roxas Sigma’s Wet Process Centrifuge-Extracted Virgin Coconut Oil with an added ingredient of our Aseptic Coconut Milk.

Dermtropics’ products are available at or check out their official Lazada outlet at Follow them on their Facebook and Instagram pages for the latest updates.

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