‘Roxas Sigma provided me with an equal opportunity and I will forever be thankful’ – Ate Sam

How many times have we said “thank you” to probably the very first person who welcomes us when we enter the office? How many times have we passed this person at the lobby without giving the person a single glance or simple hello?

The Front-Desk Assistant, who happens to work also as, the Executive Assistant, is considered to be an influential person in the office. And if you have not realized that yet, you probably have not discovered the importance of this person’s contribution to the office activities we do and take part in.

Photo taken pre-pandemic

Samra Palao, or “Ate Sam,” as fondly called by her colleagues, is a 36-year-old Maguindanaon-born, mother of three children. Ate Sam is the lovely, ever-reliable, and ever-smiling Front Desk and Executive Assistant of Roxas Sigma Agriventures, Inc., who also reports directly to the company’s Chief Operating Officer. She manages and takes care of all the documents, including confidential matters needed to be signed by the COO, while keeping track of who goes in and out of the office. She welcomes everyone with her genuine smile and keeps them at ease while they sit at that “lobby couch” for a few minutes.

Photo taken pre-pandemic
Photo taken pre-pandemic

Ate Sam has been with Roxas Sigma since its establishment in 2017. She started as a Coconut Paring Assistant and later transferred to the administration office for her noticeable skills in coordination. She mentioned that she had the opportunity to leave when things were not going well for the company, but she chose to stay. She decided to stick with a start-up business and offer support as it faced many challenges initially. She added, “had it not been for Roxas Sigma, I would not possess the strong mindset and people skills I have right now. Roxas Sigma provided me with an equal opportunity and I will forever be grateful.” She works smartly and diligently to provide financial support to her family. Now she’s able to send her children to school – one at senior high and the two in primary education. 

For Ate Sam, the company, the value it stands for, and its employees will always be valid reasons to stay.  As the company takes on its continuous journey to become one of the trusted manufacturers and suppliers of premium quality coconut products, she watches on the side and offers her sincerest support to everyone. 

Photo taken pre-pandemic

Roxas Sigma Agriventures, Inc. takes pride in honing its employees to become the best they can be and will forever be grateful for the support and hard work they put on the table to drive the company to greater heights.

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